5 Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2020


Video marketing is hands down the best way to reach your audience. Not only does it help convert leads but it gives readers a visual insight into your business or product. Starting a video marketing strategy can seem daunting but the best advice we could possibly give to a startup or creative entrepreneur is to JUST START. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. In fact, it probably won’t be. Stepping out of your comfort zone (behind your computer) and getting your face or brand out there for the first time is challenging and uncomfortable but over time your process will improve, you’ll be more comfy and open to experimenting, and ideas will begin to flow. We promise!

Now, before our little pep talk kicks in, take a peek at our 5 HUGE Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid so you can begin with an advantage over the average *newbie*. Completely stumped on where to begin? Narrow down your options with our 6 Video Types To Use In Your Video Marketing Strategy. Happy filming!

Video Marketing Mistake #1 Bad Composition

Video marketing is a fantastic way to engage your audience, show your companies personality, and sell your services on your blog or social channels. Seriously, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy in the works, you need to get on that. Did you know that including a video on a landing or sales page can increase conversion by 80%? Fact!

Now that your video gears are grinding, check out 5 Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (like the plague). First video is all about composition. Enjoy!

Video Marketing Mistake #2 Bad Sound Quality

Sound quality is, well, pretty darn important if you want to appear professional in your video marketing campaigns. There are a number of inexpensive ways to improve your sound quality if you think (and hear) that voices are not being picked up well or articulated enough to get your messaging across. Check out some examples in our second video from our series 5 Video Marketing Mistakes.

#3 Bad Lighting

Lighting can be tough to master. What type of lighting system to use and how to brighten your subject can pose some serious conundrums for a beginner. With a little help from us, you can up the ante on your video skills and show your audience that you’re a video lighting NINJA!

Check out our suggestions in our third video from our series 5 Video Marketing Mistakes.

Video Marketing Mistake #4 On-Screen Graphics

Chances are, you want to add some super sweet graphics to your video marketing campaign. That’s great but be sure to avoid some rookie mistakes to make your video look polished and professional. If you’re a MAC person, iMovie can do the trick without extensive training and hair pulling. Also, there are plenty of apps out there to edit/add graphics right on your phone.

Check out our suggestions in our fourth video from our series 5 Video Marketing Mistakes.

Video Marketing Mistake #5 Your Video is Too Long

Consider yourself a talker? That can be a good thing to break the ice at parties but when it comes to video marketing, too much chatter can have a negative effect on your performance. Keep your videos short and sweet and remember, social channels like Instagram only allow 1min tops for you to get your point across. So, write a script, practice it, and eliminate the fluff so your audience stays engaged and you reap the benefits of a successful video marketing campaign.


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