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The Digital Marketing Toolkit was created to help small business owners take control of their digital presence and develop an online marketing strategy that positions them as an expert in their industry.


  • You're overwhelmed at the thought of shifting your business online because you're not "digital savvy"
  • You're too busy actually running your business to learn new marketing skills & platforms
  • Your budget is tight because you're a small business or nonprofit organization and can't spend a fortune on expensive marketing software



  • Comprehensive resources to create an online strategy designed to meet the needs of your ideal client 
  • Clear, concise, and easy-to-follow instructions for implementing new email + lead generation software 
  • Tangible + Actionable items for both newbies & seasoned business owners to help grow your biz online

"I found Tap House Media’s Digital Toolkit to be chock full of practical, easy to follow advice. Kelly does a fantastic job of addressing the digital Marketing needs of small business owners. I highly recommend it!" - Felicia Kashevaroff, Persistiny

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Purchase comes with FREE access to the Small Business Marketing Game Plan, our 4-part on-demand training series.


8 Downloadable PDFs including - checklists, templates, how-to's, discounts + freebies, tutorials & a BONUS!

find your ideal client


Ideal Client Workbook

Build your ideal client profile from the ground up so you can strategically craft your marketing message, speak directly to their pain points, and set your business up for continued success.

guide to local seo


Guide To Local SEO

Reach potential customers in your area and dominate your local market with strategic local SEO tactics.

website homepage checklist


Ultimate Home Page Checklist

Attract your ideal client. Design a killer user experience. Start converting more leads to grow your online business.

wordpress hosting platforms


Top WordPress Website Hosting

The Top 3 WordPress Hosting Platforms built for speed, power, and security. This document Includes *freebies & hosting discounts*.

email marketing workbook


Email Marketing Workbook

Learn smart, effective ways to grow your email list, establish relationships & trust, and build brand awareness for converting those HOT leads. *BONUS* done-for-you headlines and welcome series included.

guide to lead generation


Complete Guide To Lead Generation

Learn proven methods for capturing your ideal clients attention, growing your email list substantially, and selling your products or services to your audience with opt-ins and high-converting landing pages.

Video marketing strategy


Video Marketing For Social Media

Connect with your audience on an emotional level with a killer video strategy for Facebook + Instagram & Beyond. Includes tips on best platforms to share your video on for maximum exposure.


Social Media Content Calendar & #hashtags

Make posting organized & simple with our pre-designed calendar template. Plus we've included space to add your evergreen content + #hashtag ideas for 7 days of the week.

SEO for organic traffic guide


Our BEST suggestions for implementing simple SEO tips and tricks that can make a HUGE impact on your Google rankings in as little as a few weeks.

Buy Now - $19

“The toolkit is extremely insightful and laid everything out in steps so a novice digital marketer like myself could understand . I've started my lead generation and email marketing strategy (thanks to the already done for me email series) and I'm already generating leads from one simple opt-in. 100% worth the investment!” - Kate S., Hand to Hand Occupational Therapy

"The Digital Marketing Toolkit by Tap House Media is AMAZING! The content is brilliant and easy to understand. If you want to get the word out about your business, you'll want to purchase this toolkit so you can learn about everything from what needs to be on your website’s homepage including SEO tricks to how to get people to sign up for a free opt-in on your landing page. "- Angie Askelsen, Online Business Manager at Angie Askelsen


I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs + business owners live their best digital lives by educating them on easy, proven digital marketing methods that can skyrocket their business growth

As a former online (and offline) marketing & website administrator in the health care world, I helped small - medium-sized wellness brands find even bigger success by leveraging modern, high-impact digital marketing strategies.  

Now I’m here to level the playing field. My goal is to give affordable access to the types of services and advice the big brands get, so small biz owners, budding entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations can build their own success online. The Digital Marketing Toolkit is just one way I’m setting the stage for all businesses, regardless of industry or niche, to receive comprehensive and actionable information that will help their business grow online during this time of uncertainty. 

"The Digital Market Toolkit contains tons of valuable information broken down into manageable steps."

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Take your business to new exciting levels with a proven, easy-to-implement method for online growth.

Learn a powerful strategy for driving consistent, targeted traffic, generating high-quality leads, and fueling your digital marketing success in 2021 with a huge competitive edge.

Buy Now - $19

*Purchase comes with FREE access to the Small Business Marketing Game Plan, our 4-part on-demand training series.