Pop in Pup Services, Dover NH

Cassandra O’Sullivan is a dog whisperer. Even as a kid, she knew she had the magic touch. She set her sights on a career as a veterinarian but quickly realized that the surgery component would never settle well with her. Cassandra then decided to shift her focus on gaining her K9 experience in doggie day care environments and local shelters where her love and compassion for all animals could be put to good use. She knew she had found her calling!

After many years as a dog handler, she decided to branch out on her own and form Pop In Pup Services in June, 2017. Here, Cassandra is able to blend her passion for 1 on 1 dog care services and her community buy offering:

  • Dog walking
  • Play time
  • Drop in feedings
  • Baths
  • Nail trims
  • Daily photos
  • And more to dog owners in the seacoast.

Let’s face it, we LOVE our four legged family members. We’d do anything for them. There are days we’re going to be home late, sick, or too tired to give them the walks and exercise they need – especially during the long Winter months. We’re also going to want to go on vacation at some point, right? This is where Pop in Pup Services comes in and takes the stress off of planning and managing Fido’s potty schedule, exercise regimen, and overnights after you’ve finally booked that long weekend in warmer weather. Whatever your dog care needs may be, Cassandra, owner of Pop in Pup Services has your back and will always offer “individual care for your individual dog”.

Pop in Pup Services is currently accepting new clients on the seacoast for days and overnights. Call 603.247.8832 to schedule an appointment or email

**Current Offer for December**

½ hour walk, bath, and nail trim for only $40.

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Pop in Pup Services, Dover NH

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