How To Create An Irresistible Opt-In To Grow Your Email List

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How to create an opt-in

As we’ve discussed, growing your email list is one of the most important steps in getting your blog or business to the next level. Even if you are on every social media channel and you share your content like crazy, you don’t own ANY of that (social) information or those people! Plus, with algorithms to learn and understand, social media is just NOT a reliable source for steady business growth. This is why creating an opt-in to not only grow your email list but ultimately serve your audience is key to entering into a mutually beneficial relationship.

There’s an art to creating an irresistible opt-in but it’s NOT difficult. It’s all about simplicity and giving your prospect a solution they need immediately! Below are 6 ways to create an irresistible opt-in that will grow your email list, build trust in your audience, and generate more sales for your business.


  1. Give People Exactly What They Want: This is step is pretty obvious but it’s crucial to completely whittle down 1 topic or problem your prospect is interested in learning about or solving and create your information to provide the solution they seek. The key here is to provide VALUE. Put the effort in to make what you’re offering useful for those who download it or you may lose a potential customer.
  2. Write A Captivating Title With Lots Of Action Words: Example >> 10 SEO Hacks That Will Blow Up Your Website Traffic

    You not only want to create a title that grabs the reader’s attention, but you also want to ensure the title accurately describes the content you’re delivering. Don’t be general with this. Be specific and tell them exactly what will happen if they take action.

  3. Design An Aesthetically Beautiful Cover: Spend the time and money on making this part of your lead magnet look stunning. Seriously! It’s going to be your first professional impression and you want to show your lead that in fact, you are professional and take the time to make your marketing materials look FAB. People really DO judge a book (or lead magnet) by its cover.

  4. Use Lead Generation Software Like Leadpages: Ok, yes, I absolutely love Leadpages. So much that I suggest it to nearly everyone in business. It makes selling and lead conversion SO SIMPLE. People want instant gratification and if you can give them what they signed up for within minutes (even seconds) of them actually pressing the button, they will be happy as a clam. If you were intrigued during the course, here’s a mini-tour of Leadpages and all it has to offer, including lead magnet setup and delivery + a 14-day FREE trial.

  5. Connect Your Lead Magnet To Other Content (Or Products): Now that you have your readers’ attention, drive their interest to other relevant pieces of information on your blog, YouTube page, or to a sales funnel with a paid upgrade. This is a great way to show your authority in the subject you’re writing about but also to peak interest in other areas of your business that would provide value as well.

  6. Quick To Digest: We find most people want to read easily digestible pieces of information. PDF checklists tend to convert really well because they are so quick and easy to read. lengthy eBooks or reports may make your prospects feel overwhelmed. If your opt-in contains a lot of information, think about breaking it up into bullet points or a list format. Using fun graphics & imagery can help break up long paragraphs too.

And there you have it. Follow these simple instructions for building an opt-in that converts and watch your email list grow substantially. Of course, there are opt-ins that need tweaking. With Leadpages, you can perform split testing to see what opt-in page performs the best so you can use the best language and imagery that speaks directly to your target audience.

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