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Social Media Strategy 2018

Managing your social media accounts should be easy, right? But it’s NOT! It takes time and consistency to build a social media strategy that people want to follow. So how do you keep up and keep your head in the social game? Planning, of course!

This year, the Tap House Team made a goal to BEEF UP their social media strategy and reach new levels of social awesomeness that can only be achieved through careful planning, organizing, and dedication. Sounds wicked time consuming, huh? Well, it’s not. How you ask? By sticking to our handy dandy Social Media Calendar that lays out everything we need to plugin content, hashtags, post time, links, etc.

This method has helped us so much! Like all entrepreneur’s, we have kids, dogs, things that break in our homes, flat tires, stomach bugs, and things gets crazy sometimes. Having this document keeps us accountable and thanks to Google’s G-Suite, our team can collaborate on this document and schedule weeks, and if we’re super productive, months in advance.

We don’t want this to be our little social secret, so we’re giving our FREE 2018 Social Media Calendar to ALL people that need to get their social media shiz together.

Click the link below to sign up and get your copy TODAY!!!


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