Jenny RD Online

Brand Development, Website Design
About This Project

When Registered Dietitian, Jenn Gosselin, decided it was time to open up shop, she asked the Tap House Crew to build a website that was specifically tailored to her vision and evolving brand. What we came up with not only shows JennyRD’s versatility as a fitness professional and motivator, but also a professional that loves what she does.

Jenny RD’s motto is: “Eat Well, Get Fit, Feel Great!” 

Philosophy on Health & Fitness

I strongly believe in the importance of being able to maintain a well-balanced diet without feeling deprived of the foods you love. No fad dieting, cutting or counting calories with me! The best feedback I’ve received from clients is that they don’t feel like they are on a diet. They eat REAL food (even chocolate!), lose fat and feel STRONG. I found that encouraging healthier habits and combining a clean diet with exercise and rest, my clients get the results they want for the long-term, and you can too! – Jenny RD

If you’re looking for accountability with your fitness & nutrition, or need direction or to get back on track, give Jenny RD a shout out. The Tap House Crew can ALL attest that her methods and education on food, health, and fitness will never leave you hungry or disappointed.