We want your business to stand out!

Lets roll up our sleeves and dig deep inside to find the substance that makes your business unique. Through a discovery process, THM will help define who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. Once our mission is met, an identity package can be designed that will get your message out to the world.

Give Your Business An Identity

Designing a superior visual system that brings your brand to a new level. This can include:

• Business card design
• Brochure and flyer design
• Letterhead and stationery design
Promotional video

Once your brand is established, our print services can help saturate your market. Print services include:

• Large format design
• Advertising design
• Direct mail marketing design
• Package design
• Tradeshow design
• Decal design

Menu Design For Client, 2 Home Cooks - Dover, NH 2016

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